21 October 2011

Happy Birthday Brent Mydland

This beer "Raging Bitch" had only one thing come to mind today...
"...She's temperamental, more a bitch than a machine."

Tons of steel, one of the best train songs ever written; right up there with Orange Blossom Special.


13 October 2011


Yes! Now, this could be good or bad but... It'll serve it's purpose well.

05 October 2011

Occupy Your Mind by Steve Corbett

I thought that this was an excellent read:

Occupy Your Mind
by Steve Corbett, posted Oct 5 2011 11:31AM
Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Occupy Wall Street.

Then Occupy Wilkes-Barre.

Occupy Scranton.

Occupy Hazleton.

Occupy America.

But first, occupy your mind.

Without your personal, rational commitment to liberal economic national change – not the mainstream establishment two-party political change that passes for progress – the revolution will never come.

The establishment dreads even the mere suggestion of such a reactionary about-face. And, I’m not talking brother Barack’s “change we can believe in,” either. That’s nothing but a Chicago hustle sung by another corporate shill hawking diversity as evolution that’s truly devolution that in no way contributes to the revolution. Barack is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Barack is more Beaver Cleaver than Eldridge Cleaver.

Mainstream status quo politicians such as Barack and every Republican presidential candidate, fueled by cash from mainstream establishment corporate zombies, squirm at the thought of empowerment by the people – particularly young people – who want to challenge their authority and diffuse their power.

Sound radical?


Make ’em squirm.

At 4:30 this afternoon, a small group of Facebook friends are planning to “Occupy Wilkes-Barre” from the city’s Public Square. The gathering is scheduled to continue until 11:30 p.m.

At most I expect a handful of concerned citizen protestors to show up with signs that mimic what they have seen streaming online live from Wall Street. But that’s perfectly acceptable. Occupy Wilkes-Barre is a start and there’s no better place to start than there.

Every aspect of the Wall Street protest against corporate greed and the role money plays in corrupting American morality is alive and well in Wilkes-Barre, the county seat of Luzerne County, pound-for-pound the most corrupt county in the nation.

The core of the Wall Street protest attacks the corrupting influence that corporate cash has on government. Luzerne County’s continuing public corruption scandal that so far has resulted in more than 30 admissions of guilt or convictions illustrates an unholy marriage between business and politics as well as any devious example of corruption in the country.

Multi-millionaire admitted criminal Rob Mericle bribed Luzerne County judges who sold children into penal slavery for cash in exchange for more money-making opportunities for Mericle.

Mericle has already occupied Wilkes-Barre.

It’s time to take it back.

And, in Lackawanna County, former majority commissioners Bob Cordaro and A.J. Munchak accepted cash bribes from pillar of the community slugs who bought their way into the good graces of government largesse. Federal prosecutors gave these lowlifes immunity in exchange for their testimony that will likely result in a 20-year prison sentence for Cordaro and a decade behind bars for Munchak.

Sentencing is scheduled for Halloween.

Talk about zombies.

But the only way to end democracy’s eternal night of the living dead is to drive stakes deep into the heart of the blood suckers who do their best to massacre the public trust.

Of course the stakes are high but well worth the danger. In a faltering economy led by money monsters run amok the protestors have little to lose and everything to gain.

And don’t tell me how disorganized they are. Don’t tell me they have no definable goals. Don’t waste your time lecturing people who deserve a far better shake than they’re getting.

Let the chaos begin.

We’ll sort through the minor points later.

Right now I want as many people on the street and in college presidents’ and lawmakers’ offices and bank lobbies as we can muster. I want marches and rallies and disruption and civil disobedience and strategy attacks against Barack, the GOP, the Tea Party and anybody else who wants whatever they can get for “just us” rather than liberty and justice for all.

Don’t get hung up in the details.

Get hung up in attitude.

If you don’t have one get one.

Then go occupy something.

Start with your brain.



04 October 2011

Lost in translation

Apparently Allentown, PA is a black hole, an element of The Bermuda Triangle, and the vortex that resides between your bed and the wall. How does it take almost 2 complete days to drive from Allentown to Scranton? I could have and would have GLADLY picked it up myself if I was aware that the snail would be on break all day...