16 January 2012



Holes in my coffee 
Holes in my stew
Holes cover the walls and under my shoes

Holes in my socks
Holes in my fur
Holes weave like She can, but not like Her 

Holes help the rats and
they even help the bats
Holes won't discriminate; don't need to be flat 

Holes near the lake
Holes by the pond
Holes cover the trees that stretch out beyond

Holes in my toothbrush
Holes in my comb
Holes in the construction site behind my home

Holes are wide and
Holes are much wider
Holes can sink a ship even though they're lighter

Holes can dream
Holes can sing
Holes can deliver what's never been

Holes will be holes and
holes will be Holes
Holes can be anything but they'll never be whole

Holes are expensive
Holes are not free
Holes bring to dinner what the judge can't see

Holes can jump
Holes can play dead
Holes don't help the cold 'round my bed

Holes are hard workers
Holes are for hire
Holes can fulfill your every desire

Holes gamble your money
Holes win it back
They'll steal yr woman when you turn your back

Holes can have eyes and
Holes can have ears
Holes can create the evidence; put you away for years

Holes read novels
Holes read journals
Holes make the stuff that the priests call eternal

Holes in my hair
even Holes in my chair
there's Holes in my family, they're everywhere!

-Terrapin Jess