08 March 2013

Handbook for Earth

The following is a rough draft for the layout of what will eventually be a pocket handbook for solving crimes, relationship problems, sleep apnea, forgery, mild swelling, and cursive degradation or any combination of all.


(a nice write-up about how your voice can be used to shape ones perspective on the migration from paper calendars to digital calendars.)

Layer 1: 49 caterpillars crushed up into bits and legs
Layer 2: Tire fire cheater liar
Layer 3: Broken globes smashed with shovels casting shadows
Layer 4: Laser-guided mall rats following scent trails
Layer 5: Z is for sleeping and roll up your sleeves when you get hot
Layer 6: Backgammon, saviors, and women with wings
(the "meat" of the book, if you will. it will contain 6 chapters, with each one adding one more element of surprise from the previous. there is also a summary of the civil war written in greek in the footer in reverse chronological order )

(the index comes before the glossary, finally)

(printed on proprietary gloss paper, this section contains words dealing with the medical field but only words beginning with the letter D or the pre formative "ante-". Also, the word "Irony" is clearly defined and used in over 100 sentences as examples.)

(a new section that will be included in all books after the publication of this one. titled "The Reprieve Act of 20-something." this is the jumping off point of the book, conveniently located in the back. coincidentally, the very last page of the book is located in this section. it is a page with over 30 blocks that can be filled in with famous person's signatures.)