22 January 2011

Dream 'WHO'S COUNTING': Worm Guts

The group of us traversed a long trail along a cliff-side type environment. Twas a humid damp day, yet not very cloudy. Water had merely peppered the grass and foliage and there was almost a fog from the altitude/temperature change. We had similar backgrounds and even knew people through connections yet it was without pattern. Most of them were people in my everyday routines and even some as far back as the military.
The rock wall came. It was almost sewn together with brown and green vines; VERY jungle-like. Amongst the webbing there were berries and fruits. We walked and talked as we picked off the edibles. Sometimes I would pick off what I called an "unripe", which was literally a tiny vial-like glass bottle full of red liquid that very much resembled blood. The glass itself was definitely organic because like the fruit, some bottles weren't "ripe" either.  One of them that I pulled out was perfectly rounded off. It lacked sharp edges, and was just missing the bottom half of itself; a clean cut. 
The bottles ranged from cracked to just little shards jutting out and were often rust brown and dirty. They would make the sound of glass-against-concrete as they broke free and slid out from their circular cadavers. Was like nails on a chalkboard or a high pitch screech from a tiny inhuman mouth. I remember mentioning to whom I had been talking to and connected with the most, that the idea of red liquid really made me sick. I remember thinking that it was disgusting to think that we were essentially eating these things because everything else grew from the same environment. It reminded me of squashed worm guts. One of them that I pulled, spilled and leaked out. It ran out into a tiny puddle of water that had probably formed from the rain in a concave at my feet. It was a deep red that showed it's cloudiness as it swirled and mixed with the water. It would "smoke up" and then settle and become more translucent. The chewing of glass and reminiscing is probably the reason I woke up today with a headache.

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