03 August 2012

Migraine migration

Typed/tapped out, one can see it better. It's not very difficult otherwise but it's obscured, mainly -- A simple thing such as a sneeze can obstruct your perception for that one/two second(s) needed to comprehend. Well here I am now, and it's real. Open those ol' eyes up now, will ya? The spiders are still making their webs, the birds their nests, the beavers their dams, the wives their dinners... It's about as accessible. Remember Britannica? Just remember your resources and you will almost float above the solution-- hands free, I swear. Shit, you might even find an e-solution. Maybe you even typed it out!
Well, hats off to you. Lucky for you I never wear a hat, and when I do, I'm working. What can you source from this? That's not the question, rather what can the source provide you? Maybe an answer, maybe not. Just be sure that you are yourself, a constant. One cannot read oneself if the constant is adrift. A moving reference never works!
Insanity, perhaps? Perhaps. Thank you, hats off once again I guess. I'm not at work.

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