28 September 2010

The number 11

Ever wonder why 11 is a driving force with me?

     Eleven symbolizes love. Eleven is two singles paired together that are now recognized as one. Each one is a perfect ambassador of the other. They stand tall, together; neither is taller, nor better.
     One is a factor of any other number and therefore cannot be forgotten or misplaced. Eleven is the representation of 2 separate entities, as one. This is what love should be.
     On my arm is tattooed XI, which is 11 in roman numerals. It is surrounded by 2 parallel lines that run around and reconnect. The parallel lines symbolize that love should be on a parallel course; striving for the same thing out of life. It also can mean that if it is true love at the foundation, which is the XI origin, then there should be no problem "meeting back up on the other side."

     Eleven is neither my lucky number, nor my burden. It is rather simply put, my number. It is never "the reliable way to go" and it is never the "stay away" sign. (Maybe I need to learn to read it better?) I know that when I see the number, in whatever form it may be: 11; XI; 74, that I am supposed to know of it's existence at that particular time. I wasn't always aware of this number, and it took me awhile to recognize its significance as a type of reference point.
     It helps to know when reading this that I was born at 0317...
                     YOU CAN DO MATH RIGHT?


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