29 September 2010

This weekends....

This weekend:
I delve into my long wanted and finally obtained bottle of Monstre Rouge:

I'll post notes below, on what I thought:
     I tasted this beer from a STEAL YR FACE pint glass that I received on my birthday. (does it really matter?)
It pours out to a darker opaque brown... the head has a hue of red (and green? TERRAPIN!) It's VERY hoppy, which is AWESOME-imho. Smell is hinting on an IPA... I really, honestly don't know how to describe the smell exactly.. it's different. It's awesome. The taste is hints of vanilla and oak. A bit sweet. [A BIT] it's by no means a sweet beer, considering the Flanders Red call-sign. 
     Not a very helpful description, I know. It can be summed up easily... IT IS DELICIOUS. Considering Terrapin has NEVER let me down (yet), this is another one of those "ah man, i'll never have this again." (considering it is limited)  I will definitely go and buy another bottle of this; totally worth it... Awesome. Thank you Spike and Dirk!
Guess yr expecting a letter grade of some sort? I give it an A+. That's right, it is amazing. Something is telling me it would go good with something APPLE-ESQUE, but that is not what this tastes like.. There may be the SLIGHTEST hint of apple... but you may notice it only because I said so... 
Like I said A+. Go buy it. Search it, and oh yeah, good luck finding it. ;)

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