09 November 2012

Incident on September 21st

This ride is the loudest 4 wheels to ever roll across the Earth. She's got more shakes, squeaks, creaks, and rattles than an old wood-splintered roller coaster. The wind is screaming in through her vent holes and she's huffing and puffing with each stop, trying to catch her breath. There's a turmoil inside her belly and me and the others are wondering where we're all headed. She's just hissing on down the track -- everyone's giving dirty looks right back to this single-segment insect representative. Cut 'er open and she'll surely bleed cheap whiskey and foul language -- real "no-parking-either-side-between-now-and-then" shit. All we know is that she's swallowing down and spitting up all these people -- tossing them back onto the streets; some with cigarettes still in mouth! Some lady's things got left behind back there, along with her stench; something like wet and dirty plastic bags, yellowing from the outside, in.

Forget that "Watch Your Step" sign, chances are when you read it, it'll be too late and you'll be reading it from the upside-down perspective.

She just keeps on keepin' on and so do these people; falling for her same old tricks -- gluttons for punishment, obviously. Her disintegrating chassis of blood and sweat, flexes and twists with every score in the pavement, throwing sparks and barrels of gasoline. People driving by watch the explosions, staring. They're all crashing their Toyotas into telephone poles. No one can call for help now. Say goodbye to Mama, Papa, and Aunt Lou-Anne. The last thing you read will be the first thing they'll see when they discover your eyeballs laying 40 feet from the incident scene.

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