21 November 2012

Letter crumbled in the cup

05 NOV 12

dear cathoreen,
woke up this AM not feeling too hot... brain cells lost in the urban jungle -- flushed away with the attempts at getting-with. it's a real put-the-milk-away-in-the-microwave-and-the-coffee-away-in-the-dishwasher kind of morning. cloudiness -- as cloudy as outside today; grey and deafening silence. clouds wiping the blue away like big windshield wipers.
me too, scraping for every last bit of socialistic tap-in, i managed to clamber on over to my work cell. it was there that i managed to hook in for the 9+ hour gauntlet.
eyes heavy, vision wavy, face expressionless, even catatonic at times. no way to pass the time, even for a time passer. my brain decided to grow forks-for-arms and start scoring the insides of my head in raking motions; etching phrases like, "you'll learn someday" and "you dropped the needle on the wrong record". society is one hell of a ride, woman. can you pick up some used notepads from the thrift store while yr out? i might try my luck with them.

-walter greenchild

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