19 October 2010

A tale from another life

Guy pulls up next to me smiling and rolls his window down. Says, “I just drove up US 1, saw my ex-girlfriend, who I haven’t seen since probably the 3rd grade! She crossed over from the opposing lane, across my lane and down some street I’ve passed dozens of times. I wonder if she lives there?” 
I said, “Did she see you?”
He says, “Ya, she was all smiling and waving before I even had a chance to return the same, and kept driving. I knew that we were both right in the place we were supposed to be, at that given second”
I said, “Well, it was either you or her in that position. If everyone was in the right place at the right time all the time, then there would never be any problems or confrontations.”
Silent, he rolled his window up and drove away. I never saw him again [ELLIPSES]

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