08 October 2010


It was crazy... Orange masses mixed with hues of brown and past-greens, yellows and reds. I was shrunk down to nothing but everything and drove along the snakes back around a dancing mirror as it licked the coastline. Why not build a bridge? Then the bridge came... what was a nice addition.

We arrived unsure for sure, but it was very nice. Shortly after, we appeared on some street, indecisive. Then, in an antique accented [HI :D hehehehehehe] tavern (and that's because it was saturated in "over 300 beers", people spoke of Genghis Khan and teenagers. Hobgoblin Strong Ale and Tres Pistoles were flowing at some point, and then we floated out, with the same speed, impeded by 300ms, onto the sidewalk and down apiece to "The Spinning Room" for a Hex and Fire Rock; courtesy of Hawaii. There was a pole to the right and a couch behind it? This was not by any means the highlight of the night, but rather the low point. We will be returning shortly for sure.

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  1. I'm currently listening to the sound of Indian children chantings fill my bedroom.