02 October 2010

Todays Playlist (2010-10-02)

NO! The beer is not the playlist... 
                       ...but rather the playlist, is the beer! 

Miles Davis' Bitches Brew

I didn't realize, nor know, but the 40th anniversary of it's release was on the 31st of August [Orig. released in 1969] Good stuff....
Follow this link to read up on it... you might even want to order the 40th anniversary edition of the album... You can be damn sure that I am.
Also, check out the beer if you like a nice hefty Russian imperial stout. AMAZING. It's by Dogfish Head and it's limited, so... 

     So go on and buy yrself a bottle or 3, dust off yr record player, phonograph or what-have-you and sit back and enjoy... 
Listen to the entire album, and even better if you have The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions, when you hit the sitar in "The Little Blue Frog", that's right about when you'll be liquified and vibratin' from Miles' horn; trying to tear you apart. But fear not as John McLaughlin's guitar will be there to rattle yr bones and shake yr walls makin' you invent the newest kind of dance this side of Mars.   BUY HEADPHONES!

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