10 December 2010


I Just nabbed this:

This circulates as "Tuesday Night Jam" with: Jerry Garcia, Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady, Elvin Bishop, Steve Miller, Mickey Hart, and Will Scarlett. All those names except Will Scarlet are listed on the poster, which says it was a benefit ($1 admission) - but doesn't say what the benefit was for! The poster calls this a "Rock Jam" and says it will be "Heavy". This used to circulate as "Unknown '67 from the Matrix". Jorma was asked and he does remember this. 
d1t01 - Jam
d1t02 - Good Shepherd ->
d1t03 - Jam
d2t01 - My Babe ->
d2t02 - My Baby Told Me
d2t03 - Key To The Highway

Track 1 is 54:12 in duration!
It is SMOKIN'....
Go out and find it for yrself and for damn sure you will have a great night tonight. Who needs to go out? Have an ole' 11-12%-er and and let Jack C and Mickey H get the momentum goin' on those strings you'll be slidin' up and down, enjoy that ride.

I have made it a personal goal to find every Tuesday Night Jam that I can, as I already own about 4 from over the years... Trade anyone?

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