02 December 2010

Letter To Geico

General Category: Feedback about my experience with GEICO
Specific Category: Comments
State: PA
Comments: I am a member. I do not have my policy number handy, 
otherwise, I would provide it. I received in the snail mail today, a 
letter telling me how to receive a discount on my insurance by signing 
up for homeowners insurance or some other insurance type. I will be 
honest, I ripped it up like every other credit card offer. All was fine,
I continued my day. Hours later I check my email and there's the same 
What I am disturbed about is not that I feel ”spammed” at all, however, 
what I am disturbed about is that a tree (or 2 or 3 or 4) was wasted on 
what could have just been an email. I understand that my experience with
Geico cannot be COMPLETELY customized, but please try to have a green 
plan, or a small change. I have all email mail where I can and it's far 
and few between that I receive any letter from Geico but I am sure I'm 
not the only one this happened to. It adds up. 
If there is a way to completely opt out of any type of snail mail from 
Geico, save for actual insurance cards, I want to sign up, although I 
thought I already had. I will search for a way tonight. Thank you! I 
hope this is taken as constructive criticism.
Case: 9659XX
Thank you for your Internet request.  I am happy to assist you today!
I apologize for your frustration, and I can understand your concerns.  
Please feel free to log in to your policy and sign up for ePolicy and 
eBill.  This will ensure that you receive all of your policy paperwork 
via email.
To enroll in our online Policyholder Service Center, please go to 
geico.com and click on "Sign up now" and complete the simple enrollment 
process.  Once you have enrolled, you may log in with your new User ID 
and password to begin managing your policy online.
Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. 
Thank you for insuring with GEICO and using our online services.  We 
appreciate your business.  
Audrey Myszka
GEICO Internet Representative

Really? that's yr response? no.... really?.....really?.... REALLY!?
Yes, Audrey, I will ask for you specifically next time since you were of great assuagement.


  1. Lmao what the hell? Did YOU write that to them? Please tell me you did.

  2. Oh, I certainly did. I was like why would you MAIL me an offer and then send me an email with the same thing! What we have here is a genuine corporation ladies and gentlemen.