11 December 2010


You NEED to have something, someONE, to guide you. It's nothing that hasn't been said before. It's simply just a way of saying things a different way, such as when you thank Jesus for so many things, but why you never blame him. Yr reminder should serve as what you would like to return to, and it should serve you well.

Remember, when yr in the duldrums and you hear that coughin sound, you need either:
A.) A reminder of who you are
B.) Read A.

It's almost a fLesh start, however, it should only serve as a reminder as you want to come out ahead. You might not have wanted this at all in the beginning, but you end up in the situation. It's the tumbling action from the marshaling of momentum.
Metaphorically, you need something (a tool) or someone (a liberated set of hands) to peel back the thin thin layer that which was bestowed upon you. [Be sure to gather up the remainder.] Don't settle with what you've got as this is not the end. Don't just think "because these are 'circle' and blue, they must be blueberries." No. They're not.

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