14 December 2010

Part After 2

It's so fun, but it's always so damn cold here!!
Im bundled up in about 30 layers, and when broken down into just how many people and "other" layers went into creating such an atrocious piece of clothing it is ridiculous. Just here I am reaching forward to overcome the gravitational pull created within my sleeves. It might be the souls that are trapped in the very fabric. A bit devilishly nasty.
Purples and pinks. The futuristic phosphorescent internals. Sharp; stalactites. Digital signals, another language that I couldn't interpret. Mumbles and squarbles, all muffled. Movement on the other side of the paper thin cell, but more of the same, as far as whatever could see. Captive? Birth? Different stages thereafter, flashbacks, or "flash-forwards" rather, of another life with the same surroundings. Pinks and Purples become Deep Red's and Blue's. Another vocabulary, uncontaminated. Curvy jaw bones; the side of a face? More and more digital noise, still a bit muffled. Retrospect digi-reel. Masses of colors throbbing about, just about coral reef in nature. Swimming to the "top" and then descending back down. I almost have complete control, yet I cannot move. Screeching and somewhat yelling and then LIGHT. The same wish of reliving the effortless days of high school had manifested themselves in the form of this whole other session-beast.
It had happened: Someone/something else's shoes, even though I feel like they were more "house slippers" than anything, revisiting the whole thing. I was supposed to be comfortable I suppose, and I was, however there wasn't here. I had a different family, and now, a second family... Ever been a complete outcast to society? Barricade yrself and block yr ears in a room through WWI and reemerge to that new life. Quite similar.
Cherish Earth. Cherish yourself, as the saying goes: you don't know what you have 'til it's gone.

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